The Board

EDC Executive Director

Wayne Dial -- Executive Director, Clarksville EDCWayne Dial is the Clarksville City Manager. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Clarksville Economic Development Corporation and has served is these capacities since 2008. Wayne was a Texas Peace officer for many years and retired from law enforcement in 1994. He was the city manager in Clarksville from 1995 to 1999 when he took a position with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs as a Field Representative. In 2004 Wayne went to work for the Department of the Army at Red River Army Depot.

In Wayne’s words: “My life’s experience has led down many paths. I have experience in a lot of different walks of life. But the most rewarding career I have ever done is the position I hold now. I enjoy trying to better my community through the creation of jobs and enhancing the quality of life in Clarksville. The people of this area have made me feel welcome and have joined with me and the city employees to work toward the growth of our town.”

EDC Board Members:

Wayne Dial — Executive Director
W F (Babe) Higgins — President
Sherrie Edwards — Vice President
Pennye Hobbs — Secretary
Kenny Backus
Lynn Golden
James W Vaughn
Stephen B Bishop
Paul F Allen